CorEuStem Events

CorEuStem Events

Standardising Stem Cell Core Facilities in Europe - a CorEuStem Symposium

The next CorEuStem Symposium on Standardising Stem Cell Core Facilities in Europe  will take place at Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal, from 27th to 28th April 2023.

The meeting will gather experts from the different core facilities in Europe and will cover the latest advances in human stem cells and gene editing technologies. It is expected the attendance of more than 60 participants from the 32 different countries members of CorEuStem COST Action.

The two-day meeting will focus on major aspects of stem cell banking, genome editing, stem cell differentiation, and quality control

On the first day, talks from CorEuStem members and invited speakers from different core facilities worldwide are expected, as well as poster sessions to nourish fruitful discussions among all attendees. Dr. Shinsuke Yoshida, iPSC core, CiRA Foundation, from Japan, is already one of the confirmed invited speakers.

On the second day, different CorEuStem work group presentations and parallel meetings will take place, setting the course for the upcoming years of CorEuStem COST action deliverables.

Symposium Preliminary Agenda

Day 1 : Thursday 27 April 2023
 09:00Opening of the Symposium by Laura Batlle Morera (Spain)
Banking09:25Session 1: Stem cell Banking introduction by Ras Trokovic (Finland)
09:30Key note and invited speaker: Shinsuke Yoshida, (iPSC core, CiRA, Japan)   
Construction and evaluation of a clinical-grade HLA haplobank of iPSCs in Japan 
10:15Selected talk 1
10:35Selected talk 2
 10:55Coffee break
Genome Editing11:35Session 2:  Genome editing introduction by Rivka Ofir (Israel)
11:40Invited speaker: Bjorn Holst (Bioneer A/S, Denmark) 
Gene Editing in Disease Modelling
12:10Selected talk 3
12:30Industry representatives  1
 12:50Lunch & Poster session
Differentiation14:35Session 3:  Differentiation introduction by Sedlacek Radislav (Czechia)
14:40Selected talk 4: Cell type Differentiation 1 
15:00Selected talk 6: Cell type Differentiation 2
15:20Selected talk 7: Organ on chip 1
15:40Selected talk 8: Organ on chip 2
 16:00Coffee break
Quality control16:40Session 4:   Quality control introduction by Ole Pless (Germany)
16:45Opening speaker: TBD
Title to be announced soon
17:15Selected talk 9
17:35Industry representatives  2
 17:55End of Day 1
 18:00Champalimaud Foundation laboratory tour (optional)
 18:45Bus to the city centre
 19:30Welcome drink (Sponsored by Turismo de Lisboa)
 20:30Social Dinner (Sponsored by Turismo de Lisboa)
Day 2 : Friday 28 April 2023
 10:00Opening of day 2 by Laura Batlle Morera (Spain)
 10:10Update of WG1: Harald Stachelsheid,  Tamer Onder 
 10:30Update of WG2: Sebastian Diecke,  Pia Johansson 
 10:50Coffee break
 11:30Update of WG3: Lyn Healy, Vincent Timmerman 
 11:50Update of WG4: Mehrnaz Ghazvivi, Una Riekstina 
 12:10Update of WG5: Katriina Aalto-Setälä, Adrien Roux 
 12:30Update of WG6: Ana C Certal Afonso, Inês Figueira 
 12:50Lunch & Poster session
 14:35WG meetings (with specific agenda)
 16:05Coffee break
Instrument16:45Instruments overview in cores facilites within CorEuStem by Giovanni Faga (Human Technopole, Italy)
Ethics17:15Ethics in stem cell research by Andreas Kurtz (hPSCreg® , Germany)  
 17:35General discussion
 17:55Closing session by Laura Batlle Morera (Spain)
 18:05End of Day 2
 18:30City tour (optional)