The first European Stem Cells Core facilities symposium took place in Lisbon

The first European Stem Cells Core facilities symposium took place in Lisbon

The Standardising Stem Cell Core Facilities in Europe – a CorEuStem Symposium took place at Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal, from 27th to 28th April 2023.

The meeting gathered experts from the different core facilities in Europe and covered the latest advances in human stem cells and gene editing technologies. More than 80 participants members attended from CorEuStem COST Action.

The two-day meeting focussed on major aspects of stem cell banking, genome editing, stem cell differentiation, and quality control. 

On the first day, talks from CorEuStem members and invited speakers from different core facilities worldwide occurred, as well as poster sessions that nourished fruitful discussions among all attendees. Dr. Shinsuke Yoshida (Japan), Dr. Bjorn Holst (Denmark), Dr. Glyn Stacey (UK), and Dr. Andreas Kurtz (Germany) were our invited speakers.

On the second day, presentations and discussions with representatives of COREdinates (consortium of human pluripotent stem cell cores) took place, to have an overview of the different activities and methodologies, technologies, and management styles across different institutions.

Core group also met on the day before the symposium to discuss the upcoming activities and the future of the action.

None of this would have been possible without the support of COST, Turismo de Lisboa, Champalimoud Foundation, NOVA Medical School, and our sponsors.



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