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The European Network for Stem Cell Core Facilities


The CorEuStem COST Action

The COST Action CorEuStem – The European Network for Stem Cell Core Facilities is comprised by experts in stem cell biology, differentiation, organoids and gene editing technologies with the aim of developing an efficient and effective consortium for harmonizing procedures and protocols across Europe and beyond. CorEuStem consortium seeks to become a Pan European reference point for stakeholders in stem cell biology and associated technologies.


Introduction to the Action



The main objective of the CorEuStem is to develop an efficient and effective consortium for harmonizing procedures,  protocols and tools to provide efficient benchmarking, quality control and intensive training.



One of the major challenges for core facilities is to keep track, evaluate and implement cutting-edge technologies. Core facilities strive to standardize, evaluate, adopt and implement new technologies in the field of hPSCs, organoid biology and gene editing



In the past 12 years, experimental approaches used in biomedical research have been reshaped by the discovery of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), the development of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology and the possibility of generating in vitro organ-like structures called organoids.


Meet our Working Groups

WG1 will define the set of protocols to be evaluated and to be put in common from the reprogramming, iPSC maintenance and culture, 2D differentiation and 3D organoids.
WG2 will define the set of protocols, reagents, and procedures to be put in common for the network regarding gene editing and CRISPR/CAS technologies.
WG3 will evaluate, and benchmark the protocols, reagents and procedures used across facilities. WG3 will be the framework that enables this comparison, identifying and establishing standardized best practice with respect to general and quality control procedures, thereby facilitating harmonization through dissemination and adoption.
WG4 will plan, design, develop and organise the training events, workshops on human development activities required for the network.
The objective of WG5 will be to build, grow and strengthen the ties between members of the CorEuStem Action as well as attracting new members.
WG6 will manage and work transversally to integrate and evolve the different technologies and actions in the network, the interactions.

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The COST Action CorEuStem welcomes research-active scientists working in the field. There are many ways to get involved.


Latest Updates

NEW DATE – The second webinar of CorEuStem Working Group 2 will take place online next September 30th at 11 am CET. Base Editing & Prime Editing in hiPSCs – an alternative to HDR? Registration link:

The first CorEuStem Annual meeting already took place a month ago, on 29th-30th June 2022, in the sunny Castelldefels, Spain. Management Committee (MC) members from 28 countries of the 36 belonging to CorEuStem COST Action met in the same room to discuss common strategies to foster Stem Cell & Gene Editing research, aiming to standardise methodologies...

CorEuStem is organizing an online training workshop on maintenance of Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSCs). During this online course, leading experts in PSC field will present current techniques and protocols on PSC thawing, maintenance, and freezing under defined conditions.  This course is a great chance to expand your knowledge on PSC propagation and basic PSC culture techniques....

The first webinar of CorEuStem Working Group 2 (CONSOLIDATED AND EMERGING GENE EDITING TECHNOLOGIES) will take place online next May 19th at 11 am CET. Please use the following link to register for the Webinar 1 ( The webinar will address the following topics: General introduction about the evolution of genome engineering Focus on Crispr 9...

The call for applications for short-term scientific missions (STSM) in the framework of the COST Action CorEuStem (CA20140) is now open to applications until the 1st September 2022!

The first CorEuStem Core Group meeting took place on 20th-21th March 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. WG leaders gathered to discuss main actions to take place within the COST Action framework and to plan future activities, as the organization of CorEuStem Annual Meeting. Two very intensive and productive days of brainstorming that will boost COST Action outcomes.