WG2: Consolidated and Emerging Gene Editing Technologies

WG2: Consolidated and Emerging Gene Editing Technologies



WG2 will define the set of protocols, reagents, and procedures to be put in common for the network regarding gene editing and CRISPR/CAS technologies. Its members will prepare the protocols, procedures and reagents data base to be uploaded to the network web page for future research. WG2 will evaluate how to implement in the network emerging gene editing technologies such as base editing and prime editing. Furthermore, WG2 will constantly identify new technologies arising in the field to be evaluated the network.




Pia Johansson
Medical Faculty - Lund Stem Cell Centre
Sebastian Diecke
Max Delbrück Center for ​ Molecular Medicine



Major Deliverables


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WG1 will define the set of protocols to be evaluated and to be put in common from the reprogramming, iPSC maintenance and culture, 2D differentiation and 3D organoids.
WG3 will evaluate, and benchmark the protocols, reagents and procedures used across facilities. WG3 will be the framework that enables this comparison, identifying and establishing standardized best practice with respect to general and quality control procedures, thereby facilitating harmonization through dissemination and adoption.
WG4 will plan, design, develop and organise the training events, workshops on human development activities required for the network.
The objective of WG5 will be to build, grow and strengthen the ties between members of the CorEuStem Action as well as attracting new members.
WG6 will manage and work transversally to integrate and evolve the different technologies and actions in the network, the interactions.